Just Keep on Swimmin’

by misskang

There’s just something so virtuous about enduring, about not giving up. You hear about it in sports, in church, in school, in movies and who else knows where. It surely is true, isn’t it? You learn so much when you endure.

I think the only time I heard where it was noble to give up, or commit suicide was when I read Julius Caesar. Brutus was known to be noble for taking his own life. For a long time I didn’t understand why it was noble, but I guess it’s noble in the fact that he was able to admit the fact that he did wrong, and that he deserved punishment.

Thinking about our punishment makes the atonement of Christ so much more beautiful. When we are able to realize our own wretchedness, we also know that we have a Savior that also knows that same wretchedness but loves us anyway and is willing to give us a million, another chances.