Let’s Give It Another Go – Making Connections

by misskang

So, let’s try this blogging thing again …

I really enjoy going to school.  Obviously I don’t enjoy all the exams, constant pressure, and feeling of not giving enough, but I love those connections that I make daily between the secular and the spiritual.  Because all things testify of Christ and everything relates to the gospel.  I think that’s one of my favorite things about life.  Knowing that what I learn today has an eternal impact on who I am.

I’m going to jot down the things that I know I’ve realized recently so that I don’t forget.  I regret not writing them down earlier in my journal because I probably forgot already.

1.) Reading & Learning from the Scriptures – opposite of Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility (Returns)?

This semester I’ve really made it my goal to read my scriptures every morning.  But before starting I realized I had to make it a conscious effort to change the way I read my scriptures.  I knew for sure that if I read the Book of Mormon again cover to cover, I would get something out of it, but how can I ensure (ie. put in effort) that I will get something out of it?  I decided to focus on learning about the priesthood – to highlight things or promptings from the Spirit about what I read and how it relates to the priesthood.

It has definitely been the best experience ever.  Not just because I have a stronger testimony of the priesthood, but also because I’ve been able to have more spiritual promptings, my mind has been quicker to recall other scriptures, and I’ve been having more missionary moments.  All from just reading the scriptures and praying every morning.  It just made me realize how exponential and infinite our blessings really are.  No matter how many times we read the Book of Mormon, we always gain more of more in blessings.  It’s the exact opposite from the Law of Diminishing Utility (Returns).  From the way I understand the Law of Diminishing Utility, the more you do something, the less you get out of it each time you do it.  Ie.  eating a pizza, the more pizza’s you eat, each one you eat – you get less satisfaction out of it.  That’s totally not the case for reading scriptures and praying.  We open our hearts and our minds to the things of God, and we find true happiness.

2.) Cost of Growth

So, in valuations class my teacher was talking about how there’s a “cost of growth.”  Meaning, to grow a company, it’s going to cost something – you’re going to have to invest more in the company to make it bigger and better.  And that’s so true with our own lives.  To become better people, we must get rid of some of our bad habits (that might make us happy).

In Luke 9:23 ¶ And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his across daily, and bfollow me.  To become more like Christ, we must put off the things that we know are detrimental for our eternal growth.

Ok, I’m tired.  No more for now.